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Why this type of design?

I love nature. It's simple as that.

Building With Passion

Everything I build, I tend to build with passion. With more than 4 years of experience in web development industry I learned to write scalable, flexible, reusable and elegant code. Over the course of years I was learning "on go". While working for multiple clients on multiple projects I faced many challenges, whole lot of problems were thrown at me that I had to solve. This exact firestorm of projects and challenges is the reason I learned a lot.

Experienced With


Optimizing SEO, Methodologies, Writing clean markup..


Writing clean and straightforward code, Frameworks..


BEM Methodology, Clean nesting, Mixins, Reusable Components..

JavaScript -

JS Next, AJAX, Pardigms (OOP / FP), ES6+ Syntax, API Integrations..

VueJS -

Fast & Lightweight Code, Components, Vuex + NuxtJS, SPA & PWA..

ReactJS -

Components, Hooks, Redux, JSX, CSS-in-JS..

Testing -

Jest, Puppeteer, Unit, Integration, E2E..

Firebase + MongoDB -

Setting up DB, Schemas, DB Consumption, Data Models..

NodeJS -

Creating APIs, Authorization, Authentication, Safety Nets, Encryptions..


Calendars, Graphs, Webpack, Babel, Many more libraries..

WordPress -

Building websites from scratch, reusable layouts, WP Builders..


My focus is mainly on the front-end technologies. Aside of above mentioned stack I am also experienced in Web Design & UI with technologies such as Adobe Photoshop & XD, Figma, InVision.



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Latest Testimonial

August 20th, 2020

Andreas did a great job developing SPA for our company and services we provide. Code developed by Andreas was clean & elegant. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a business partnership.

User Mark Baranov - OfficeEarth - Virtually Anywhere